You are Being Billed Too Much

None of us enjoy paying more than we have to for products or services but avoiding unscrupulous vendors trying to make a quick buck is easier said than done. And unfortunately the IT industry is rife with support providers who blind you with science and add services you didn’t need - or even receive - on to your bill.

And even if you’re not intentionally being taken advantage of, if your IT guy isn’t providing you with the level of service and support that you need due to a lack of knowledge and credentials, guess what - you’re still paying too much.

In addition to this, if you’re still using traditional break/fix IT support, your IT guy is only fixing your problems when they occur, which means that not only do you not know what you’ll be paying for IT support from month to month, but you’re also being saddled with pricey call out charges. And let’s not forget the fact that your break/fix guy relies on your problems to earn a living: the chances of him fixing the problem so it doesn’t occur again are slim…

The solution

Switching to a company who offers Managed IT Services. A company such as Sabio Information Technologies, Inc..

Billing for our Managed IT Service solutions takes a flat monthly fee approach - which means that no matter how much support you need, you’ll still only pay that one fixed amount.

And that’s not all because when you outsource the management of your technology to Sabio we look after your IT proactively, finding and fixing issues before they impact on your productivity and bottom line. It really is a win win situation.

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